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Life is ready to EMBRACE YOU. Step into it with confidence, ease and grace – and see for yourself the perfection that is YOU! “Living From An Awakened Heart” means ALL the answers you’ve been longing for – in love, life and business – already live within you. Sign-up now to get tips, love, wisdom, and the Heart Gaze Mediation straight to your inbox. Welcome Beloved!

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“You have such a unique talent and soothing quality about you that makes it so easy to confide in you. Those questions you asked me about myself really ignited my inner passion…you’ve opened my eyes to what I’ve already known, but was too afraid to see. Now I am more confident in my decisions, and know how impactful I can be in everything that I do.” -Maline Tea
“Thank you for an exciting, inspiring, positive and action-driven session! You encouraged me to re-evaluate my life and rise to my own particular challenge, and go further than I ever thought possible. You made me realize I am a lot stronger individual than I ever believed I was. Thank You!” -Liza Kabakian
“Elizabeth is an insightful, thoughtful and caring coach. Her sense of compassion is immediately evident when talking with her. She makes you feel at ease about anything that may come up. She helped me break down a major problem I was facing in my life, enabling me to dig deep and find my own answers. I left the session feeling empowered with a much clearer sense of how to move forward.” -Jamie Hoover
“Elizabeth approaches her work with love. She is well-versed in theology, but does not preach in any religion. The guiding principles she uses in her coaching practice are gratitude, self-love, empathy and forgiveness. She is constantly learning and researching ways and strategies to add to her coaching toolbox. I always feel hopeful after speaking with her. She makes people feel beautiful, inside and out. She can be a wise friend, omniscient sister or a nurturing mother. For me, she serves as all of the above.” -Sara Wong
“She is my guide to a greater way of life! Whether it’s professional and/or personal life challenges, Elizabeth’s coaching helped me see where I was stuck. This was very important to me. Elizabeth’s assessment and continuous coaching – in the most loving, nurturing, spiritual and extremely professional way – has opened my eyes, my life and my vision of what I’m really here for in this lifetime. I am forever grateful to you!! Thank you so much for showing me the way!!” -Melissa Love
“Elizabeth has always been someone who you can trust and someone who people love talking to. Her ability to communicate with others through her heart, her honesty and love is what makes her so special! She is always willing to listen, to be with you on your best day or your worst. She listens patiently and always waits to say the right thing at the right time!” -Deyanira Marchand
“Your wisdom, perseverance, kindness, care, and love made a very clear path for me to feel safe, and trustworthy to open up, and share my challenges with you. Today I can clearly feel the changes which I was hoping for. You made my life so delightful, as I start each day with so much joy, confidence, and clarity! All I can say is that you are a unique being, which makes you a very unique coach.I am so thankful to have you in my life!” -Fariba Shirazi, http://www.releafme.com/
“Elizabeth made me feel very comfortable, which allowed me to open up to her easily. She is a great listener, really focused on the details of the big picture. She wasn’t afraid to challenge my thoughts, and gave me that push that I really needed in my life. Elizabeth is a strong woman and completely inspiring to me, making me feel as though possibilities are endless and goals are attainable. After my coaching experience with her, I now know how to look at things differently with a new approach and make the positive steps to achieving my aspirations.” –Melina Harris
“Over the past year Elizabeth has been coaching me through some very big transitions in my life. I ended a relationship of four years and it was hard to move on, especially since he found someone else so quickly. Elizabeth, helped me navigate through the transition. Her excellent coaching skills helped me focus on the most important aspects of this change, face some patterns in my life and helped me find some clarity that I desperately needed. Our conversations were extremely helpful! Elizabeth is very easy to talk to, she is sensitive and insightful. I would highly recommend her as a transformational life coach & spiritual mentor.” –Brenda Arce
“When I hear her voice, my world turns so peaceful. Any time that I just needed to talk, she was always available. Elizabeth has been my life coach for a while but it seems forever. Smart, caring, and good listener are just a few of her qualities. I don’t feel like I’m a client, she makes me feel that I’m a friend. I could talk about everything with her and she always had a smile on her face. The best thing was the way she guided me through the correct path to understand myself. Thanks Elizabeth for all you do!!!” –Rafael Mejia
My Offerings


To help you tap into the wisdom that’s already there, and help you live from an Awakened Heart. Let me help you bridge the gap between your Human Self and your Divine Self so you can live in integrity with who you really are.

How I Do This

We will address both your Physical Self and your Spiritual Self – individually and as a whole – creating a holistic 360-degree view of how you show up in the world at this moment.

Are You Ready?

Listen: I get it. This work can be scary and crazy at times. But it’s so worth it. Living from an Awakened Heart is life changing, magical and rewarding. So, stick around. I promise you, it will be the most exciting and fulfilling ride of your life! Welcome.
We humans live in a world that requires us to work, pay our bills, and take care of our families. Yet without a rich inner life that’s guided by our intuition and strengthened by the connection to the Divine, before long our outer world begin to feel flat. Trust me, I know. There was a time not so long ago I felt the disconnect between my inner and outer worlds. As a child, I always felt the stirrings of Spirit in my heart. I felt loved and protected by a divine force bigger than myself. But as I got older, and my responsibilities grew, I lost touch with the essence of that Being. I felt like a tug-of-war between who I was and who I wanted to be. Hello. My name is Elizabeth Stomp and I want you to know: You are not alone. Read more ….

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