Soul Immersion - Awakened Heart + Brilliance

This is a fully-custom designed program that will shake the very core of your being. This is major league.

Get ready to know and love yourself like never before, while creating serious transformation and sustainable change.

In these sessions you’ll discover what it is to live from an awakened and illuminated heart. And, immersed into the absolute brilliance within you.

This program is customized to your soul! It is a true gift.

$500 OFF original price


This program is customized to your soul! It is a true gift.

You will walk away confident knowing your soul has something absolutely precious in store for you that your mind has never imagined.

In our journey together, you’ll find out who you truly are and the innate powers that live within you, how you play an important part in the thread of your individual life and in the collective. And, how the totality also lives within you and the part it plays in your life and your decisions.

I love this program. It is my ideal way to work with clients. I adore seeing the profound transformation and long lasting results!

During our session we will illuminate some blind spots, ignite your soul, and raise your level of consciousness. And focus on BECOMING that which you wish to embody, by helping you to:

  • Break through internal blocks to high-conscious thinking
  • Make conscious choices based on the present, not the past
  • Shift your thinking, emotions, and actions
  • Connect to your life’s purpose
  • Create a blueprint for long-lasting change
  • Create each moment as new
  • Define yourself & express your gifts
  • Create a more active lifestyle
  • Love, live & lead from an awakened heart

Also, during our session we will use meditation and visualization to create a holistic, loving and nurturing space for your newfound purpose, wisdom, and insights.

After our session expect to feel connected to your inner wisdom, expanded, changed from the core, illuminated and full of clarity. By the end of our sessions you will fully embody a new way of being. You will feel confident and whole.

What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

“Over the past year Elizabeth has been coaching me through some very big transitions in my life. I ended a relationship of four years and it was hard to move on, especially since he found someone else so quickly. Elizabeth, helped me navigate through the transition. Her excellent coaching skills helped me focus on the most important aspects of this change, face some patterns in my life and helped me find some clarity that I desperately needed. Our conversations were extremely helpful! Elizabeth is very easy to talk to, she is sensitive and insightful. I would highly recommend her as a transformational life coach & spiritual mentor.”

Brenda Arce

“You have such a unique talent and soothing quality about you that makes it so easy to confide in you. Those questions you asked me about myself really ignited my inner passion…you’ve opened my eyes to what I’ve already known, but was too afraid to see. Now I am more confident in my decisions, and know how impactful I can be in everything that I do.”

Maline Tea

“Thank you for an exciting, inspiring, positive and action-driven session! You encouraged me to re-evaluate my life and rise to my own particular challenge, and go further than I ever thought possible. You made me realize I am a lot stronger individual than I ever believed I was. Thank You!”

Liza Kabakian

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