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The answers you seek, are seeking you.
Let me help you tap into the wisdom that’s already there.
It starts off as a whisper. A faint murmur in your heart that’s impossible to ignore.

Mystical. Mighty. Mysterious. You don’t quite have the words to describe it, but it’s there.

It’s always there. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.

In the dark moments, when you’re all alone on the bathroom floor, crying through the pieces of a broken heart. Or on a Monday morning as you wander aimlessly through your morning routine preparing for yet another day at a job you dread. Or after a gut-wrenching argument with your spouse as you rush out of the house only to find yourself sitting in traffic replaying the fight again and again in your mind.

I know that feeling.

I was you love, standing at a crossroads in life not knowing what to do, where to go, or who to turn to. Deep down, though, I knew something larger was guiding me, leading me to the answers I needed, but couldn’t see. Spirit was trying to show me the way. But for a long time I resisted.

Hello. My name is Elizabeth Stomp and I want you to know:

You are not alone.

And you don’t have to go through life wondering “Is this all there is?”

Is this the best career for me?
Is this the best my body can be?
Is this the best relationship for me?
Is my connection to the Divine the best it can be?

See, I too have felt the divide and disconnect between my inner and outer worlds. As humans, we live in a world that requires us to work, pay our bills, and take care of our families. Yet without cultivating a rich inner life, guided by our intuition and strengthened by the connection to all that is, our outer world feels flat.

As a child, I always felt the stirrings of Spirit in my heart. I felt loved and protected by a divine force bigger than myself. I felt at ease and in-flow with life.

But as I grew older, things changed. I set my sights on performance, earning a BA in Theater & Communications from the University of Miami. I moved from Puerto Rico to Florida and later to L.A. to pursue a glamorous career in acting.

I ignored the whispers of my soul, and instead I chased the glittering goals that pulled me further and further away from the true essence of who I AM.

I wasn’t happy. I felt lost, confused and all alone.

But Spirit never wavered. Consciousness flowed through me, in me, and from me. And one day, in an unexpected moment, I experienced an awakening that both startled me — and forever changed my life.

And I realized at that moment, there is no separation between us and the life force that makes everything possible. I knew instantly exactly what I was placed on this earth to do.

I knew that I wanted to help people transform their lives from the inside out.

After years of studying the spiritual masters, and training with incredible mentors, I became a transformational and spiritual life coach, earning a double-certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

My passion is helping people align with the spirit energy that lives within them while helping them create a life that’s peaceful, prosperous and purposeful.

I have experienced first hand what happens when you stop resisting what is, and align with the core of who you are to create a life that is intentional and harmonious.

Because when you are in harmony with life, you will experience more joy, well-being and abundance than you ever thought possible.

Let me help you discover the life you were meant to live – with ease and grace.

Here's what clients have to say
“Over the past year Elizabeth has been coaching me through some very big transitions in my life. I ended a relationship of four years and it was hard to move on (but) Elizabeth helped me navigate through the transition. Her excellent coaching skills helped me focus on the most important aspects of this change, face some patterns in my life and helped me find some clarity that I desperately needed.” – Brenda Arce

“When I hear her voice my world turns so peaceful. I don’t feel like I’m a client, she makes me feel that I’m a friend.” – Rafael Mejia

“After my coaching experience with her, I now know how to look at things differently with a new approach and make the positive steps to achieving my aspirations.” – Melina Harris

“Today I can clearly feel the changes that I was hoping for. You made my life so delightful, as I start each day with so much joy, confidence, and clarity!” – Fariba Shirazi

The answers you seek are seeking you.
Let me help you connect with them.

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